Archimedes Finance Launches Epic Zealy Program for The G(r)eek Army: Get Ready to Quest, Level Up, and Score Big!

2 min readJan 29, 2024


Hey Crypto Enthusiasts! Archimedes Finance is shaking things up with a fresh Zealy campaign for The G(r)eek Army. Get ready for quests, laughs, and some serious crypto action!

Alright, fellow crypto adventurers, it’s time to dive into something cool and different. Archimedes Finance is rolling out a new Zealy program for The G(r)eek Army, and it’s not your typical reward chase. We’re talking points, levels, and a whole lot of fun.

So, How Does This Campaign Work?

  • Join the Party: First off, hop into Zealy and link up your Discord and wallet to Archimedes’ Zealy. It’s like your passport to crypto awesomeness.
  • Pick Your Quests: There’s a bunch of quests waiting for you. Choose the ones you like and start knocking them out.
  • Level Up: Engage on Discord, complete quests, and make some waves on-chain. The more you’re in the mix, the more you level up.
  • Earn Points for Your Efforts: Here’s where it gets spicy — the more you engage and add value, the higher your level goes. Higher levels mean cooler roles and, yep, more POINTS!
  • Aim for the Top 10: Every two months, the top 10 point holders snag a spot for a rewards distribution. So, keep your eye on that leaderboard and hustle your way to the top.

What’s in Store for You?

Regular and Sprint Quests: Whether you’re in for the long haul or a quick dash, there’s something for everyone.

Points, Not Just Rewards: We’ve switched up from the usual rewards gig to a points system. More engagement = more points.

Quality & Consistency Matters: It’s not just about being active; it’s about being awesome at it.

Variety is the Spice of Life: Help grow our community, connect with cool people, and network with other projects.

Who’s This For?

Calling all high-spirited crypto fans! Love memecoins? Dream of big ROI? Got a taste for the risky and the funny? You’re gonna fit right in. Remember, we’re all about good times, but no kiddie slang here — let’s keep it cool and fun.

Join The G(r)eek Army!

This isn’t just another campaign; it’s a chance to be part of something bigger, bolder, and a heck of a lot more fun. Dive in, level up, and let’s make some crypto magic happen.

Stay in the loop for more updates and jump into the fun with us on TWITTER, DISCORD, and TELEGRAM.

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