Archimedes Finance: The G(r)eek Army — Community Engagement Program

4 min readSep 13, 2023


Fall enters and the Archimedes community is bringing the heat to DeFi. We call all G(r)eeks to spread the word to the entire DeFi community about the upcoming Beta launch of the Protected Single Pools, tomorrow September 14th. Only by joining forces and building a strong loyal community will we achieve this result, so we welcome everyone to join our The G(r)eek Army Program.

Who’s Eligible?

The G(r)eek Army Program is available to anyone with a passion for DeFi and Archimedes. We strive to create a close-knit community to help spread the word about Archimedes.

If you are a Citizen or above in our Discord, you can participate, which means you need to engage meaningfully in Discord to gain the role.

The G(r)eek Army fosters engagement via regularly scheduled contests, quizzes and events, where there are transparent monthly incentives for users to learn about the protocol and engage with the Archimedes DAO. Engage, Learn & Earn!

Why Join The G(r)eek Army?

  • Help us build a strong community
  • Become a valuable member of Archimedes DAO
  • Gain experience and join the Architects/Creators/Ambassadors team
  • Earn ARCH tokens by completing tasks

Ways To Contribute

We’ve prepared many exciting contests where Greeks can compete with high quality and earn rewards:

  • Funny and original memes
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Intriguing quizzes
  • Simple & compelling tweets about Archimedes, threads being higher value
  • Creative infographics or videos
  • Twitter engagements: Re-tweets, likes

If you have any suggestions for improvement, or adding new contests, please get in touch with us, feedback is always appreciated.


Each month a pool of ARCH tokens will be allocated to The G(r)eek Army in the amount of $500 to $1500 per month: depends on the number of submissions, its type and quality. The amount of reward for submitted content will depend on:

  • Leaderboard: at the end of the monthly cycle, the most active users (Top 10) will share a pool of $500.
  • Relevance: different topics are valued differently, submissions of topics that have been used several times are valued less than topics that have been less used.
  • Activity: content that has received more likes, reposts, comments, views, etc. is valued higher.
  • Originality: content that has been plagiarized is valued less or will be rejected altogether.
  • Quality: unique content that follows our brand, style, etc. is valued more

If any funds remain unallocated after a monthly cycle — they will be used to prolong/extend The G(r)eek Army Program on the next cycles. Rewards may be distributed in the form of vesting token.

How To Join?

  1. Register on Zealy and join Archimedes Сommunity
  2. Complete the introductory tasks: subscribe to our social media, complete a quiz, etc.
  3. Go to the “The G(r)eek Army” section to see the available contests

Before completing any contest, please read the description carefully. Feel free to publish your content in the #greeks-content channel after completing it.

Timeline And Judgement

  1. The G(r)eek Army Program is divided into monthly rounds starting on the 13th of each month or the next closest weekday
  2. Any user can participate in the contests and submit content weekly
  3. It can take up to 1 week to review submissions
  4. During the review process, content may be rejected for several reasons: plagiarism, originality, relevance, quality, etc. We will always give feedback on how the content can be improved


  1. For your contribution to be eligible for a reward, it needs to be accepted by our team and you need to be a member of our Discord server and follow us on Twitter.
  2. We will be rewarding just the contributions adding value to our community and project. The judgment of the value add is to our resident team’s discretion as we are looking for long term engagement and partnerships.
  3. If you leave our Discord server before or after your contribution is accepted, we won’t be rewarding you.
  4. If your contribution is rejected, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve it and try again. We will always be happy to provide feedback
  5. If we suspect a user of cheating, we have the right to refuse to distribute the reward and continue participation in our program.
  6. Any user who has reached the Citizen role can use our #ideation-forum and suggest an idea to improve the program
  7. Any member of the Greek Army Program who demonstrates high performance can be promoted and invited to the team of Architects or Ambassadors

Learn More About Archimedes

To learn more about Archimedes visit the official website, join Discord and follow on Twitter.