Archimedes Officially Launches lvUSD Stablecoin Pool on Curve!

2 min readFeb 15


We are excited to finally announce that the Archimedes lvUSD pool is now live on Curve!

With the launch of our 3CRV/lvUSD pool users can finally begin depositing and staking liquidity, and earning ARCH and other incentive tokens.

For a full step-by-step rundown of how to participate in the lvUSD pool, earning ARCH and other token incentives, please visit the step-by-step tutorial listed in the Archimedes docs, or check out this thread we recently published on Twitter.

ARCH has no liquidity?!?
Though the lvUSD pool is live and emitting ARCH tokens, the Archimedes team does not plan to seed ARCH/ETH pool with liquidity until February 17th.

The pool for buying and selling ARCH tokens will be on Uniswap. We suggest that Archimedes enthusiasts wait until this time (the 17th), if they wish to buy or sell ARCH tokens. Any buys or sells before this time are conducted on pools not seeded by the Archimedes team and may result in high slippage.

Remember G(r)eeks, unlike many other tokens on the market, ARCH has an actual utility, and is needed for the leverage taking side of Archimedes to function. Without ARCH tokens users can not open leverage positions. This puts an inherent buy pressure on ARCH tokens.

Aside from the token’s utility there is also a dynamic emission rate, which will be adjusted every week following launch. For a full breakdown of the ARCH token’s dynamic emissions, read here.

Official Contract Addresses

You can find official contract addresses in the Archimedes docs, here:

Please verify the contract addresses any time before closing a transaction. Don’t fall for scams!

This is it G(r)eeks! The father of leverage has arrived on Ethereum!

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The father of leverage has gone Defi