Archimedes’ Protected Single Pools (beta) Are Launching Soon

3 min readAug 30, 2023


TL;DR: Archimedes is preparing for the beta launch of its Protected Single Pools at September 14th. This is one step towards enabling DeFi for the masses with user-friendly, safe, and efficient ways to earn yield on your crypto assets. Users will then be able to provide liquidity while eliminating the time and effort of managing those kinds of positions. Some would argue that it is the best risk monitoring and management tool out there in DeFi.

It’s Beta. And “early bird might get the worm”

This means we’re testing the product. We’ll iterate quickly and an audit will come soon for the final version. Please do not invest what you can’t lose. It’s not audited yet. DYOR!

As a “beta” product makes it riskier for the user, the protocol might give additional incentives for the early birds or as we like to say: “Early bird gets the worm”.

The problem: navigating the maze that it is crypto

In the dynamic world of crypto assets, earning yield can often feel like navigating a maze. Issues such as reward depreciation, monitoring if your pools are in balance and getting out of the pool without being that late “bag holder” often leads to large Impermanent Loss.

These challenges affect your user experience and limit your earning potential. But what if there was a better way?

Introducing Protected Single Pools

Archimedes’ Protected Single Pools (PSPs) come equipped with unique features like “guardrails”, which perform risk monitoring and decide on when to withdraw from pools before the slippage is too big — read about the specifics in our User Docs. These capabilities enable PSPs to automatically manage risks (and rewards with the autocompounding feature), effectively addressing the maze that it is earning yield in crypto.

With PSPs, you will soon be able to earn yield on your crypto assets in a safer and more efficient way. By ‘setting and forgetting’ your position, you can free up valuable time and headspace, while our system takes care of the rest. For example, if the pool goes out of balance, the contract will withdraw your funds and re-enter the position when the pool is balanced again.

Our collaboration with esteemed partners Aura Finance and Convex Finance has significantly enriched the PSP offering. With that, we can easily scale and add more strategy choices for you.

It truly is a ground-breaking solution engineered to transform your earning experience. And this is just the beginning but “beginnings are the launching pad to great endings”.

The Beta Launch Strategies

Archimedes chose 6 launch strategies for the Beta version of the product.

Shortly after launch, the team will continue to add more strategies.

If you would like to see any specific strategies, please feel free to propose in our Governance forum in Discord. It is open for everyone to provide new ideas.

It is happening!!!

Mark your calendars! The Protected Single Pools will officially launch on 9/14. Stay tuned for more details on how you can prepare for this exciting development and participate in the launch.

If you read until here, you’ve earned some more Alpha

The Archimedes’ Protected Single Pools a huge step towards making earning yield on crypto assets safer, easier, and more efficient. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change your crypto earning experience for the better.

“Beginnings are the launching pad to great endings & early birds get the worm”.

To throw some Alpha around, think what you could do if you could leverage PSPs?

For more information about PSPs, Archimedes, and our partnerships, check out these resources:

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