Archimedes V2: Product Roadmap

4 min readOct 20, 2023


Hey G(r)eek, welcome!

🏛 As you settle into your chair with a cup of your chosen brew and get ready for the weekend, we invite you to explore the intricacies of Archimedes. This is not just a product journey, but a vision of the future we’re shaping. Join us as we delve into what lies ahead for Archimedes. Welcome aboard.

Our journey starts with the outline of the trajectory:

  • Revisiting the past
  • Gazing at the present
  • Envisioning the future 🚀
  • Archimedes v2: The Revolution Begins

Spoiler alert / TL;DR: v2’s official launch is just around the corner! And what’s bubbling? BTC yield and up to 5x leverage on your favorite pools, fueled by BTC!!

Yes, you heard it right and you heard it right here for the first time: we are bridging the gap between BTC and DeFi. Sounds intriguing? Let’s break it down.

A recap of v1

V1 was our curtain raiser, introducing novel features like liquidation-free stablecoin leverage, while raking in ~$15M TVL in mere weeks. But it wasn’t without its hurdles; the V1 lending & borrowing had similar risk perceptions from users, leading to similar yield needs. This limited scalability and sustainability.

This lead Archimedes to the V2 endeavors!

V2’s Outlook

In short, you can expect:

  • Real Yield: Pure, delivering genuine yield for lenders, sustained by leverage fees — a harmonious ecosystem in the making.
  • Scalability: Expand into L2s and remain chain/AMM agnostic, maintaining flexibility across chains and AMMs.
  • Sustainability & Beyond: Archimedes doesn’t just stop at real yield and ingenious leverage; we’re offering our partners a trailblazing ‘Liquidity as a Service’ model.

Path to V2: How to get there

Step 1 (the now): BTC Yield Leadership & Sustainable Leverage

Archimedes is bringing substantial yield to BTC lending thanks to our Sustainable Leverage solution.

In Sustainable Leverage, Archimedes wins if the user wins. Borrowers pay a fee on their yield which Archimedes shares w/ Lenders as Real Yield.

And heads up: details of this Leverage model are in the works, and we’re excited to unveil them soon!

Step 2: Scale w/ DeFi Natives

Archimedes V2 is now set to be an integral part of every DeFi enthusiast’s portfolio. The project now offers three products with different risk profiles: Protected Pools, Lending, and Leverage.

Step 3: User Experience is Key. By building a simple UI and leveraging partnerships to achieve Account Abstraction and Reach, Archimedes will work to help broader adoption in DeFi.

Step 4: Crypto Accounts & Tokenization of RWA

Archimedes plans to build fully permissionless, trustless, on-chain crypto accounts where users can park their assets and earn yield.

This will be possible via the existing DeFi ecosystem, but also via the tokenization of different TradFi assets.

Uncompromised Security

At Archimedes, your peace of mind is paramount. Besides the layer of Protection built into its Protected Pools, Archimedes does not measure efforts in bringing users peace of mind:

Rigorous Testing: As we approach the official launch, our Beta version undergoes thorough testing with keen-eyed early users.

Smart Contract Audits: Our collaboration with Halborn Security ensures top-notch smart contract vetting process.

Bug Bounty Initiative: Archimedes is currently working on setting up its own bug bounty program so Whitehats can actively participate in and help build a safe protocol for everyone.

On-Chain Monitoring Tools: Exploring @chainalysis and similar tools for enhanced on-chain surveillance and swift response.

Archimedes welcomes you to be a part of the Journey

You’ve traversed this far, and that speaks volumes! Interested in diving deeper? Experience firsthand the magic and utility Archimedes offers. Explore our strategies; perhaps you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

Join Archimedes on Discord. Your presence on Discord is also a must, we want people like you to build a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for DeFi.

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