Archimedes Whiteboard Video is Out!

2 min readNov 11, 2022

Archimedes is here to help simplify DeFi, and this new whiteboard video is here to help simplify Archimedes.

Archimedes is a new unforked innovative DeFi lending and borrowing marketplace, but simply calling it that still leaves much to be explained.

- Archimedes is an innovative new lending and borrowing platform combining DeFi and NFTs in an effort to help simplify and onboard NFT investors to DeFi.

- Archimedes is over-collateralized and provides users access to up to 10x leverage on yield-bearing stablecoin positions, and then packages the positions as tradeable NFTs.

- Archimedes provides users a “set it and forget it” opportunity for investing in DeFi — if you think about it.

Each of those is true, however, writing those answers doesn’t mean it clicks to the reader. With an innovative project like Archimedes, there are bound to be lingering questions. Those questions and how we present the answer is exactly why we created this whiteboard video. Sometimes, it’s just easier to explain things in an audible format, as opposed to reading words on a screen.

This is our first video explaining Archimedes in such a way, and it could be considered more of a technical introduction.

Launching Soon on Ethereum

As we prepare for launch, we’ll be releasing more content like this. We’ll also continue working to find new ways to explain the functionality of Archimedes and its underlying DeFi technology to each level of investor.

Your feedback is appreciated. As we say at Archimedes, ‘we build in public’, so if you have any questions about Archimedes after watching please voice them, so that we can continue to build with you.

The father of leverage is coming to DeFi!

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Archimedes is an experimental protocol and carries significant risks: Smart contract risk, economic model risk, risk that the assets Archimedes introduces and many other types of known and unknown risks. Archimedes’ team never provides investment advice. This article is NOT financial advice. DYOR. Participate at your own risk.