Second Leverage Round is Live

G(r)eeks, we’re happy to announce our second leverage round has just started, this time with 1M of lvUSD leverage available and only live for 24h.

Similar to the first round, we announce the information you will need to know in order to participate:

  • Leverage Available: 1,000,000 lvUSD

You can take leverage in our DApp.

Please note ARCH price may fluctuate and we do not control it.

If you’ve been tracking communications via Medium, we highly recommend you to follow us on Twitter and join us or Discord for faster and live communications.

Archimedes is an experimental protocol and carries significant risks: Smart contract risk, economic model risk, risk that the assets Archimedes introduces and many other types of known and unknown risks. Archimedes’ team never provides investment advice. This article is NOT financial advice. DYOR. Participate at your own risk.



The father of leverage has gone Defi

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