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TLDR: The G(r)eeks gives the Archimedes community a focused path to help contribute and engage with the protocol via Contests & Quests held on the Archimedes Discord & Zealy

Archimedes is making a buzz this summer and beyond with our new community engagement program titled, The G(r)eeks! We already address the community with this title, so we figured why not lean a bit more into the geeky nature of DeFi (because math) and our historical Greek influence. Now, let’s get the party started!

The G(r)eeks is all about building community and awareness for all things Archimedes! There are two main focuses of the program: to bring the Archimedes community together, and to foster a system of collaboration and high quality content creation about Archimedes.

Monthly Contests & Quests

With the launch of The G(r)eeks, Archimedes enters a new era of regularly scheduled contests, quizzes and events, where there are transparent monthly incentives for users to learn about the protocol and engage with the Archimedes DAO. This program creates a clear path to rewards for talented, engaged and outspoken community members.

Community members are encouraged and incentivized to check the Archimedes Zealy account (shared in Greek-Activity channel in Discord) to compete in content creation contests being posted throughout each month. These could include: memes, infographics, videos, blogs, threads, or so on. With the goal being to foster the consistent creation of high quality content from Archimedes community members. Additionally, users can complete a wide range of other quests by doing tasks such as (but not limited to): attending Archimedes events, engaging with social media posts, providing feedback, providing liquidity, holding ARCH or using the dapp to earn XP and be rewarded!

While contests offer XP the same as other tasks, they may also include an extra reward, so be sure to read carefully.

How Quests Work

We imagine there may be some changes made to the prize structure, and we encourage community members to make suggestions as usual, or better, propose new ideas via the #ideation-forum in the Archimedes Discord server, as part of the DAO governance process.

Once a month a rewards pool will be revealed for Zealy (formerly Crew3). The top community members on Archimedes’ Zealy XP Leaderboard will be awarded a percentage of tokens based on their placement on the leaderboard, with top placements earning a higher percentage of the total rewards pool.

Winners of specific content creation related contests, for example, creating threads or videos, may also be eligible for additional rewards, so be sure to read each Zealy quest carefully!

Each user competes against other community members to earn the most XP by completing “quests”. Quests of various categories, such as: onboarding, inviting, or content creation, can be found on the Archimedes Zealy page, with the most current quests placed in the “sprint” tab.

Users will notice that some quests can be completed daily, while other quests can only be completed once, or weekly.


Also, some users may be eligible for more quests based on things like their role in the Archimedes Discord server, or NFTs that they hold (such as Agora NFTs).

Last, but likely the crowd favorite, we have the rewards! Each month a pool of rewards ($ARCH tokens) is announced for The G(r)eeks. Not everyone will earn rewards from the prize pool, and community members with the most XP will earn a larger percentage of prize pool rewards than those with less!

At a base level, as part of The G(r)eeks, completing quests earns users XP via the Archimedes Zealy.

  • Contest rewards typically only have a few winners and offer them larger amounts of XP than other Zealy quests. Contest winners may also be entitled to other rewards.
  • Leaderboard rewards are driven by XP accumulation. Earn more XP to place higher on the leaderboard and win a percentage of the monthly prize pool.

Learn more about Archimedes

Earning XP rewards can be split into two baskets: contests rewards, and leaderboard rewards.

To learn more about Archimedes visit the official website, join Discord and follow on Twitter.

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