veARCH & Governance Launching Ahead of Archimedes v2

3 min readMay 4, 2023

TLDR; Participate in our forum & snapshot for Governance, this is part of our continuous efforts towards a fully decentralized protocol! Get involved!

“That’s no moon!” The G(r)eeks are building something! With Archimedes v2, ARCH token is getting more utility and giving a direct voice to token holders via veARCH governance. Archimedes is a DAO — it was the G(r)eeks who invented democracy, so, some might call this preordained. In any case, Archimedes will begin its governance process starting Monday May 8th, in the official Archimedes Discord server.

The Archimedes DAO is on the path to full decentralization! DAO members will be able to shape the DAO by submitting ideas for proposals, and voting for proposals to be implemented.

To participate in DAO governance users will need to be verified members of the Archimedes Discord server that have reached the Citizen role or higher. The Citizen role can be obtained by (engagement) talking more in the Discord server and participating in relevant discussions. It is the first engagement role available to new members in the Archimedes server. Without this role a user can still read governance forums, but will be unable to post or react to polls.

Once a user has the Citizen role they will be able to chat and react to messages left in the governance forums labeled “ideation-forum” and “polling-forum”. These two forums are where ideas that become proposals are created.

The governance process involves two Discord channels “ideation” and “polling-forum”. Users list their detailed ideas for a proposal in the ideation forum, following the posting guidelines. The ideation forum is not a place for coming up with one line thoughts, but rather a place to share full concepts and receive feedback from the Archimedes team and wider community. If you’re still coming up with an idea consider chatting with others about it in the “#gov-chat” channel first.

After an ideation is posted, it will have 7 days to receive feedback and undergo edits by the author. After the 7 day period, Archimedes mods will review the ideation to confirm that it is in-line with established protocol values and gathers a generally positive sentiment from the community. Ideations that pass this review will move on to the “polling-forum”.

The polling forum is designed to house only ideations that have passed review, and are to be voted on via community polling in Discord. Polling is conducted with a simple 👍 or 👎emoji, with thumbs-down set as the default action.

Ideations in the polling forum must receive 75% or more favor from all voting participants for it to move on to a final review. Ideations that pass polling and a review are made proposals to be voted on via Snapshot.

In the coming weeks veARCH will be live and voting on proposals will commence on Snapshot. Before then, we’re encouraging users to use the governance category in Discord to: discuss ideas in “gov-chat”, post ideations in the “ideation-forum”, and vote on potential future Snapshot proposals in the “polling-forum”.

Building the right Governance structure and process is a complex and hard problem to solve. That is why our Core team decided that the community will shape the Governance process. Archimedes envisions an evolution of governance that enables every user to have a say in protocol governance, have the community decide, and iterate!

As this is the beginning of governance, we are treating this period as a beta phase, which is subject to process changes. You can read the guidelines for posting in either forum by clicking the book icon (which has a checkmark on it) next to the “post” button in forum channels.

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Originally published at on May 4, 2023.